The prepared pre-mix of the fineness of 20-40 microns thin the sağlar. Ürün, working time and setting the correct time with the desired time orantilidir.Otomatik machine closes itself. Acquisition of 304 quality stainless steel wall of the chamber edilmiştir. Çift water heating system with heating and the heating coil is suitable. Base convex with mixer. The machine is a piece of a three-way valve used in the normal valve jacket. A total of 500 kg ball kullanilmiştir. Bilya unloading system is available. Used Kazanımızda all valves, pumps, piping and other jackets. There are entrance and exit of water. The machine is controlled in its control panel. Has CE and ISO 9001 quality.


Mixer Kapasitesi 300 kg / 1 Saat
Makine Ana Motoru 18.5 Kw
Makinede Kullanılan Rezistanslar 4.5 Kw
Su Transfer Motoru 0.25 Kw
Çikolata Transfer Motoru 2.2 Kw
Güç 22.5 Kw
En 120 Cm
Boy 150 Cm
Yükseklik 180 cm