The machine in the from of powdered sugar, liquid mixture of oil and other materials for pre-walled pipes kullanılır. Yapılan premixture is transferred to ball mill. Our machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 CrNI edilmiştir. Çift Walled reservoir Water heating system which complies with the heating. Base convex mixer Pre-preparation of a three-way valve is normally used jacket.Three-way valve allows you to earn your own circulates within the cycle Electical panels available on the digital temperature display. Our machine has 2x 2 2kw mixer.Dual mixing system with a minimum of preparation time required decreases. Used kazanımızda all valves , pumps, piping and other jackets. Has CE and ISO 9001 quality


Toplam Kapasite 750 kg
Makinede kullanılan rezistansla 4.5 kw
Su transfer motoru 0.25 kw
Çikolata transfer motoru 2.2 kw
Güç 13 kw
En 100 cm
Boy 180 cm
Yükseklik 170 cm